Carpet Cleaning

Thouro Kleen uses advanced truck-mount equipment that delivers heated, high pressure cleaning solution to your carpet that leaves your carpet looking and smelling fresh and new.

Planning Your Service

Over time our carpets build up growth. The cleanliness of our home effects our family. Schedule routine cleaning year round to help keep your home pure and smelling new. Professional carpet cleaning service is helpful. It can enhance the look and atmosphere of any interior living space. It can promote better health and wellness, too with the removal of pollutants. If you want to avoid breathing in air that’s full of unpleasant allergens, our in-depth carpet cleaning work can improve your life ten-fold. Our aim is to contribute to the cleanness of your room and comfortable living space.

Let Us Help

Carpets look nice and are comfortable to lay on. They also build up and trap pollutants, dust mites, and even mold. Scheduling regular cleaning can eliminate these from your home.

Here Is How We Can Help

Here at Thouro Kleen we aim to make the cleaning process as painless as possible. Here are the steps our customers have taken to obtain our stellar service for their needs: Remember, Thouro Kleen aims to serve you and your family like our own.

  • Tell Us What You Need – Browse our many services to see which ones will fit your needs.
  • Do a Walk-Through – Walk around your home and see where Thouro Kleen can fit in to your own vision.
  • It Starts With An Appointment – Book an appointment online, over the phone, or by email today. Don’t hesitate, we book up quickly.
  • You Decide At Your Leisure –Decide to use our services and we will commence our reputable work at once
  • Your Beautiful Home – Sit back and relax knowing that Thouro Kleen is here to service your needs